During the Geneva International Motor Show, BMW introduced a new car and a new concept.  Like the other premium German manufacturers, BMW wants to cover or open each and every market segment with high-end cars.  The new 2 Series Active Tourer may be the first front wheel drive car from BMW, but it is probably not the most important for our friends in Munich.  On the booth we can see this car just in front of the new BMW 4 Grand Coupe.  And we are in two different worlds.
The BMW 4 is what we have come to expect from BMW.  A nice, powerful coupe for 4 people with all a BMW driver can offer to his family and friends – after fulfilling his own dreams that is…
At Geneva, BMW showed that it also wants to enter a new world with the Active Tourer.  The 2 series exterior shape is very traditional and similar to what the volume car manufacturers already offer.  This segment will certainly enjoy BMW quality, comfort and ergonomics, but we will have to wait and see if BMW will have the same success here as with the X series SUV’s.