Festival International Automobile

The gala evening of January 30th, 2013, at the Invalides (Paris) was an opportunity to bring the world of automobile, luxury and media together to deliver Car of the year 2012 prize. Unsurprisingly, this is the Mercedes A-Class, which received the most votes from the public with over 100,000 voters. Mercedes has realized his desire to rejuvenate its image with a vehicle that is already widely admired in the streets.
The Opel Adam, which was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, last September, won the best Interior. We must say that the Opel designers have successfully integrated the various components of a vehicle interior in such a small car.
This is a great victory for German manufacturers.
Peugeot Style Centre was rewarded with the best concept car award: The Onyx. Peugeot’s designers have also exposed some of the objects from the laboratory and demonstrate, despite the current problems of the manufacturer, that creativity and desire to move forward is always present in Peugeot.
Michel Dionisi [automotive correspondent] & Audrey Seguin [design correspondent]
with www.vehiclenews.com

Opel Adam

The new Opel Adam looks like a synthesis of all current fashion city cars such as Audi A1, Fiat 500 adn DS3. But the result is very smart and exciting. It has a real image. You can tune your Adam almost the way you want from the exterior to the interior. Opel says that there are 33 000 possibilities…amazing, isn’t it ?

The only concern I have for such a car is the size of the trunk…