CES 2017 | Toyota Concept-i

Toyota has introduced a concept car at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Showing that the CES (and similar events) is THE place to be for carmakers.
Designed by Calty Design Research, their Californian design studio based in Newport Beach, Toyota is demonstrating their will to conceive vehicle “around” the user versus “for” the user.
The new technologies must be(come) friendly and playful. The user experience must be immersive.
The Concept-i, is using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) able to build a true relationship with the driver to anticipate the user needs…In a certain way, this vehicle is designed to communicate and interact naturally with the human.
The Concept-i is supposed to build a relationship with its user and it is supposed to learn and understand how the driver feels, to improve his/her life quality.
Thanks to the technology, the driver will have the choice to drive or to use the autonomous mode. But more than anything, if he/she choose to drive, the car will continually give an assistance…can we call that Augmented Driving?
The new design trend is to design a car from the inside to the exterior…That’s why Calty’s designers have imagined a digital platform called YUI which is the A.I. agent. YUI can communicate throughout the whole cockpit with light, sound, and touch. Basically, you have few screens. They are not necessary anymore. The vehicle gives you different information’s in different ways: from colored lights down your feet to indicate if you are in autonomous mode or not, to head up displays…
The exterior itself communicate with people around. Giving message while you are turning and welcoming the user with YUI appearing on the side panel…
As you can see, we are not talking about engines or propulsion technology anymore. We are a step beyond…
Well a nice concept car introducing what the close future (present?) could be.


Photos : Toyota Press and Charles Mombelet © 2017