IAA 2013 | Volvo Concept Coupé

With the Volvo Concept Coupé the Swedish company demonstrated a certain kind of wisdom in the design direction. Some will say that it is rather “dejà-vu”, but the style remains elegant. In contrast to the Lexus discussed above, lines are clean, simple and justified.The design language is clearly understandable — you quickly feel comfortable with it. We are willing to bet that the next generation XC or V will have a lot of influence from this design direction. One small detail we felt was important: the shape of the line under the door handle is reminiscent of the P1800…That’s part of the Volvo heritage, isn’t it?

IAA 2013 | Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé Concept

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe shown on Tuesday demonstrates what the Mercedes design direction will be in the near future. With this concept, Mercedes wanted to be in between emotion and tradition. The silhouette is elegant, fluid and muscular, with the latter somewhat emphasized by the extra width in the rear… The interior reeks of luxury, featuring white leather and aluminum. There is no doubt that when Mercedes uses the right materials and color combinations (and we have seen some terrible examples of when they did not…) it is THE luxury brand.