Audi Crosslane Concept

With this concept Audi is introducing two items.

First, the design of the grille will be used for the Q line. It is still a single frame grille, which is the signature of the brand for several years now. Its prominent frame is integrated into the Multimaterial Space Frame as a supporting element. This solution symbolizes the philosophy behind the Audi crosslane coupé: a totally new fusion of basic concept, technology and design.

The vehicle itself introduce the volume and lines of the upcoming Q2 and gives us a hint of what the Q line will be. The horizontal edges are the dominant features above the wheels and change a little bit the « image » of Audi, giving more virility to the body. The interior design continues the design language of the exteriro in the geometrical clarity of its basic shapes. Using the trapezoidal theme. As always, the design reflect a high quality standard.