NAIAS 2014 | Range Rover & Jaguar

Speaking of $200,000 vehicles, Range Rover displayed its latest long wheelbase version – the Autobiography model (‘write your own story’, I guess) that is priced from $185,000 to $199,500.  The “off roader” looks imposing, has 510 hp on tap and features a spacious, very nicely crafted interior, but $200,000 is a great deal of money, even by today’s crazy standards.
Jaguar showed quite a few different versions of the F-Type, a car that is always good to look at, plus the C-X17 SUV concept that originally debuted at Frankfurt last year.  We can all revisit the angst that we felt when Porsche introduced the Cayenne, but the fact is every manufacturer has to have at least one SUV in its line up to stay in the game.  Jaguar is already quite late on the scene and aficionados will have to wait until 2016 for this rather nicely executed model to hit the showrooms.  By that time Maserati and Bentley probably will have theirs on the road already.