Honda, like Toyota, continues to pursue the fuel cell as a future energy source, unfortunately the FCEV concept that they displayed was a bit too extreme for mainstream appeal.  Like the failed Honda Insight, there are elements of the car that would probably make it “sale proof”!  The front end is interesting with wide splits or vents that extend from the bottom edge of the front fascia all the way to the windshield.  Viewed from the side or the rear, however, the car just looks ponderous and heavy.  We are sure that the covered rear wheels, long roof and high tail all contribute to a low drag coefficient (although the relatively wide body must be a negative) they add up to a car that is just not appealing – environmentally friendly though it may be.
Honda also introduced the next generation Fit.  Aside from the ugly yellow color on one of the cars, the new version is well executed but rather boring.  The prior generation made a statement as a ‘tall’ car, the new one may get lost in the crowd.
Acura unveiled the TLX concept, a conservatively styled 4 door, which we understand, is very close to the production version on the TL replacement.  The stance is strong, the overall impression is somewhat sporty, the 5 square LED headlamps give it a unique look and, finally, here is a design where the Acura grill actually works.