GENEVA 2017 | EPISODE 12 : Mazda

Mazda is the most understated Japanese manufacturer, but who doesn‘t know about the MX5 convertible, perhaps better known as the Miata?
At the Geneva show, Mazda revealed a hardtop version of its latest itération of this small sports car. For those customers who think that the canvas top is not what they want for all-season use, Mazda now offers a rigid roof that is partially retractable, very practical and functional. The fast-back design, allows the roof and rear window to be retracted, leaving the « flying buttresses » in place and giving it more of a targa appearance.
Of course, it will always be a vehicle just for two with a very small trunk, but Mazda is the only manufacturer that offers a convertible that puts a smile on your face as soon as you step in, and allows you to cruise with the wind in your hair for less than 40.000 €.
Mazda also unveiled its new CX5 SUV, a direct competitor for the Peugeot 3008 and the VW Touran. Mazda offers a completely credible alternative to the two European stars with a distinct style, a finish that is clearly improving and the ability to meet the expectations of customers who want to go off the beaten track. The front is elegant with a well-designed grille that is somewhat less aggressive than the 3008. The profile view seems a little generic and altogether too similar to what we have seen elsewhere. The cockpit is simple, but well finished.
Ultimately, this new CX5 will meet the needs of those looking for an unostentatious SUV that meets the needs of the family while providing good off-road performance with its four-wheel drive version.
Mazda also introduced the new CX3. This smaller SUV further proves that Mazda always knows how to offer vehicles that stand out for their exterior styling as well as their functional qualities.
The interior with its three dials in the instrument cluster contrasts with the current fashion of the single screen, all electronic look. All the modern features offered by the competitors are still available, however, and the de rigueur central infotainment screen is very much in place.