GENEVA 2017 | EPISODE 19 : Volvo

VOLVO is now a full member of the « premium » manufacturers’ club with success on all the different continents providing steady sales growth; + 6.2% in 2016. We know many other manufacturers who would be very happy to achieve such results in this coveted and lucrative market.
In Geneva, VOLVO unveiled the new version of its XC60 model, giving a breath of fresh air to this very successful product. Safety and security is always a major élément of any new Volvo and the safety arsenal offered on the XC60 is fully in tune with the Volvo slogan « no more death or injury in a Volvo by 2020 ». For our part, we are more focussed on the style changes of the new XC60. The exterior styling is quite similar to the big brother XC90. The new XC60 SUV is a little bigger than the old génération, but as always, the Volvo elegance and signature styling will make it stand out in traffic. The new signature taillights are particularly élégant, especially at night. The front lights are very sharp and when combined with a grille that is not too exaggerated, the front end gives this impressive SUV a kind of lightness.
The interior is typically Volvo and we always look for what we could blame. As soon as we settle inside we are under the charm of an instrument panel and central console bathed in lightness: one feels zen. If we could pick on one (rather small) negative point, the XC60, despite its exterior dimensions is intended for just 4 people who will travel in comfort with plenty of room for luggage. For a bigger family, the XC90 is there.
Ultimately, the XC60 with its unique style is well positioned to continue conquesting buyers from Mercedes GLC, AUDI Q5, BMW X3 …