GENEVA 2017 | EPISODE 2 : Alpine

Here it is…the much anticipated Alpine A110 is standing in front of us in its final version. We have waited so long, seeing pictures from time to time… Now we get to touch, see and feel the actual car. And for those of us who knew the original coupe, we can see where the inspiration comes from. It is a positive revival. The DNA is there without too much of a retro feeling. Dressed in (almost*) blue alpine, this coupe will certainly satisfy future owners. Note that the first edition, limited to 1955 copies (the year of the first A110) is already sold out at €55 000 each, Deliveries begin in early 2018.
The front, with perfectly integrated headlights and large fog lights, provide strong identity to this sports coupé. The bold cooling ducts give an impression of speed. The car has a very fine profile and it is the rear section that is without a doubt where we see the closest filiation with the original berlinette.
The interior is very sporty with the confinement that goes with it. This not a family coupé, it is dedicated to the driver and only secondarily to the passenger. The rocker switches on the center console are positioned just at the right place to be perfectly functional. You won’t not find a large multimedia screen here, a minimalist one in the center is just enough. You drive an A110 with the digital tachometer in front of you — necessary information only for the pilot. Some elements of the doors are painted bodycolor to further emphasize the sporty character of the cockpit.
As a whole, Renault has crafted this coupé into a very coherent package.
Well, you understood; if you are looking for a sport coupé, be patient, if you have some extra euros in your bank account ready to spend (plus a little bit more…), if you have that certain nostalgia for the old time Monte-Carlo Rally, then the A110 is for you. Let’s hope that the mechanicals are fully in tune with what we have seen so far.

*Pigments used at the time for the original blue are no longer usable these days. The “color and trim” team has therefore developed a new blue that is very close to the original.