GENEVA 2017 | EPISODE 3 : Aston Martin

« -Good morning Q, what have you got for me today? »
– Good morning Mr. Bond, what about this DB 11.
– How many has it been all this time?
– I don’t count any more, but if you could bring that one back in one piece … »

Who has never dreamed of saying this. Aston Martin has decided to call its customization program « Q ». This is comparable to « Besposke » at Rolls-Royce or « Mulliner » at Bentley. Except that there you can prétend that you are James Bond.
A modified Aston Martin DB11 sat on the display. Dressed in a particularly visible electric blue, up to the tips of the nails … sorry, down to the rims. Carbon is used on everywhere: the rear diffuser, door handles, side skirts, air extractors, mirrors, steering wheel rim, and even the engine cover. The interior is covered with black and blue leather. The four-on-board tailor made luggage is matched to the body color. This is obviously only a glimpse of what the « Q » department can offer … but if you have (a lot of) money, you could select from the many choices available in the initial vehicle design … and if you don’t have enough euros, then this vehicle will remain, as for us, for your eyes only …