GENEVA 2017 | EPISODE 13 : Mercedes

As usual Mercedes introduced more exclusive cars in Geneva, such as coupés, convertibles, and off-roaders, adding to its already very wide range of offerings.
The most elitist is undoubtedly the G-Class Maybach Landaulet which, considering its price (more than 750,000 €) must offer the absolute pinnacle of luxury in a fully capable off-road vehicle. No need to talk about its V12 engine, let’s just “climb” into the vehicle with a little help from the electrically deployed steps… tall, isn’t it?
Once on board, we feel like being inside the first class cabin of an airplane. It is an extravaganza of leather with every conceivable diversified entertainment function. Not all of it exudes good taste, but if you are a powerful – and rich — person in this world you would be happy to parade around in this kind of vehicle.

Much more friendly and affordable, the new E-Class Convertible demonstrates once again that Mercedes is a master in the field. Complementing the new E Class sedan and coupé range, the convertible shares the front end with thèse models. With the top up, this cabriolet offers a very fluid line with a perfectly integrated roof line. No surprise with the interior which shares the instrument panel of the sedan, complete with its large and impressive multimedia screens. The whole feeling is modern and as usual with Mercedes, it projects a high-quality level…with the corresponding prices.

Displayed alongside the new BMW 5 series wagon, (the BMW stand was next to AMG…) the AMG E Class station wagon flexed its muscles to show the full breadth of AMG “savoir-faire”.
Needless to say, Mercedes presented its vehicles in their most luxurious spécifications consistent with the flavour of the show…