GENEVA 2014 | Hyundai INTRADO

Hyundai has unveiled its new concept car, the Intrado, initiating a new design language called Fluidic Sculpture 2.0. It is the first Hyundai designed under the direction of Peter Schreyer (CDO&President of Hyundai Motor Group). The inspiration of the concept takes place in the aviation industry…and that is not a surprise knowing Raphael Bretecher (General Manager) who was in charge of the project. No doubt he has influenced the design team a lot. This cross-over concept is built around a super lightweight structure made of advance materials (see photo), and is powered by hydrogen.
The grill is very three-dimensional and wheel arches look like wings. It looks very impressive in the flesh. The doors open to reveal the absence of a B-Pillar and this gives a very interesting access to the interior.  The flashy orange on the inside is very aggressive and provides a strong counterpoint to the immaculate white of the outside. Seats are floating and even though there are four seats, the impression of space is clear. The central tunnel and its interesting details also remind us of that aviation feeling.
As Raphael Bretecher told us, the Intrado is inspired by the name of the airplane wing “intrados” producing lift to allow a plane to fly. The use of advanced materials is also a “clin d’oeil” (implied reference) to aeronautics. Listening to Peter Shreyer, the Intrado foreshadows the future of the automobile by combining the concepts of efficiency and freedom symbolized by the notion of flying. For him the power of mobility should deliver physical and emotional sensations. How can we disagree with that…? With this concept, Hyundai demonstrates that the future of car can be relevant and exciting…