NAIAS 2018 | Episode 11 : Nissan

Nissan debuted the X-Motion SUV concept, their new small Kicks SUV and the facelifted Leaf electric car.

The XMotion is a mid sized SUV concept defined by bold and dramatic shapes.  There are large front air intakes and lights; a big slatted grille framed by chrome strips extending up the hood to the base of the A-Pillar; huge wheels and tyres (featuring another trend at the show where the wheel structure extends over the tyre sidewall.  All rather impractical); built-in roof storage; diamond pattern “carbon fibre” wheel arch accents and pronounced shoulders over the front and rear wheels.
The minimalist interior featured floating seats (white in front, red in the rear); display screens across the entire instrument panel and a wooden center console running front to rear, complete with a perpetually spinning cone!

The Kicks small SUV joins the burgeoning ranks of similar vehicles available across all manufacturers.  It is a decent looking vehicle that slots easily into the Nissan range and design theme.  The interior is friendly with some upscale touches.

The new Nissan Leaf, brings this electric car into the real world.  The original was “dowdy” at best, but this version is a worthy member of the Nissan family and would not make us embarrassed to drive one.