IAA 2013 | Opel Monza Concept

Coming back to the German brands, let’s talk about Opel who were showing the Opel Monza. Like Citroen, Opel is using the past to design the future. Monza is the name of a good car that was produced (and too soon forgotten) in the 80’s. The silhouette reminds us of shooting brakes from the 60-70’s. But when you approach the car you see how much it is designed towards the future…
Martin Schaufler has done an excellent exterior design job, understanding and expressing the DNA of Opel. This showcar demonstrates the new design language of GM Europe. The face uses slim lamps to give the boomerang signature. The style becomes simple and smooth, with curves, but not too many. In the center of the hood Opel used one gimmick: a central rib or raised feature line to add some tension. During the discussion with the exterior designer we understand that the Monza Concept represents the GM Design Europe studio vision of Opel/Vauxhall’s future and stands for the following values: German engineering, combined with design and innovation suitable for everyday use. We agree with Martin when he says “the body shapes of the Monza Concept visibly demonstrate efficiency, lightness and athleticism, rather than pure muscle power. The overall package of the Monza Concept maximizes the very spacious and sporty interior in relation to the exterior dimensions of a 4-seater, enabling easy ingress and egress through the “Butterfly” doors”
The interior designed by Boris Ilse, is very futuristic. All shapes seem to be floating in the air…
The sporty, dynamic interior sculpture of user surfaces in the Monza Concept enables flawless connection and combination of vehicle and driver information via the internet with decorative elements which can be fully customized according to the specific needs and driving behavior of the driver. As Boris told us, “the Monza Concept introduces ground-breaking technologies for future infotainment and connectivity possibilities, showing how next-generation Opel cars will address the needs of a closely connected and sharing society.” We can’t wait to see that…
A big screen with 18 LED projectors takes the place of the IP to communicate all kinds of information to the driver from vehicle performance data to multimedia. This technology enables unlimited personalization in terms cluster decoration and IP information display.
This concept seems to represent a ground breaking HMI philosophy, providing new types of information and new ways to display that information.  Seeing this LED technology leads us to think that it will allow new ways to shape interiors in the near future…
The modularity of the architecture allows Opel to use any kind of engine, from petrol, diesel and gas, to electrical, hybrid and beyond. With this showcar we can be sure that the return of Mark Adams will initiate a renewal of Opel Design.

Festival International Automobile

The gala evening of January 30th, 2013, at the Invalides (Paris) was an opportunity to bring the world of automobile, luxury and media together to deliver Car of the year 2012 prize. Unsurprisingly, this is the Mercedes A-Class, which received the most votes from the public with over 100,000 voters. Mercedes has realized his desire to rejuvenate its image with a vehicle that is already widely admired in the streets.
The Opel Adam, which was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, last September, won the best Interior. We must say that the Opel designers have successfully integrated the various components of a vehicle interior in such a small car.
This is a great victory for German manufacturers.
Peugeot Style Centre was rewarded with the best concept car award: The Onyx. Peugeot’s designers have also exposed some of the objects from the laboratory and demonstrate, despite the current problems of the manufacturer, that creativity and desire to move forward is always present in Peugeot.
Michel Dionisi [automotive correspondent] & Audrey Seguin [design correspondent]
with www.vehiclenews.com

Opel Adam

The new Opel Adam looks like a synthesis of all current fashion city cars such as Audi A1, Fiat 500 adn DS3. But the result is very smart and exciting. It has a real image. You can tune your Adam almost the way you want from the exterior to the interior. Opel says that there are 33 000 possibilities…amazing, isn’t it ?

The only concern I have for such a car is the size of the trunk…