After three beautiful concepts, the wait is coming to an end at the Mondial de l’Automobile: Volvo is unveiling a production car: the XC90. It is introducing the Volvo style led by German Thomas Ingenlath and a hybrid engine of 400 hp. It is clear to see the filiation with the three previous concepts cars seen in Frankfurt, Detroit and Geneva.
The new XC90 is the first vehicle to feature the redesigned logo, the well-known iron emblem, with the iconic spire of the company aligned with the diagonal bar across the grid. The headlights are designed like a T-shape called « Hammer of Thor » by the communication team…No doubt that the iron logo presents an innovative and distinctive face, fitting with the impression of strength the next generation Volvo vehicles ahead should give.
In term of volume and shape there is no surprise: it is a Volvo. And the style is clearly robust even though it is not very advanced. Surfaces are very clean and simple with no extravaganza, but this is what you can expect from a Volvo. It might look a little bit too reserved for some of us and certainly appears less innovative and futuristic than any of the previous concept, but remember, this one is a production car.
« The overall impression of both the inside and outside is closely related to key elements of the Swedish way of life, generous space, importance of light and focus on well-being, » says Thomas Ingenlath, Vice President for Design at Volvo Car Group. And this is well translated in the exterior design since you are attracted to open the door because you feel you are coming home…And when you open the door…you are home!
The interior space is huge and light. It can accommodate seven passengers easily. The thin seat design allows more space. The third row offers comfortable space for two passengers measuring up to 1.70 meters. The simplicity, even in its luxury, of the interior fits perfectly with the idea of the Scandinavian design heritage. The combination of leather, crystal – for the gear shift knob – and wood, with handmade details, gives you the feeling of sitting home in a sofa, ready to read a good book next to your fireplace. And when you do that, you usually want to listen to some good music…isn’t it? This is why Volvo audio designers have worked together with their counterparts in the British audio equipment company renowned Bowers & Wilkins. This car is an auditorium.
The most striking feature of the new XC90 is the fact that the center of the dashboard is identical to a touch screen tablet, which forms the heart of the new integrated control system. From that the driver and its passenger can have access to the whole car systems and to the connected services.