Porsche 918
The guys from Zuffenhausen had plenty to show and a big display that included a private room just for the hyper-hybrid 918 Spyder. The 918 is certainly stunning, especially from the rear with its exposed engine complete with radical exhausts that exit from the top of the engine just behind the occupant roll cage. We cannot wait to hear those exhausts from the driver’s seat. The front end is a bit bland unfortunately and the 4 square LED headlights under aero covers may be high tech, but they just don’t look right.
big introductions for Porsche were the 911 Targa and the Macan SUV.   The Targa is great looking with its large wrap around rear window and black fabric covered roof panel.  The mechanism required to stow the rather small roof panel behind the roll hoop and on top of the engine with just the push of a button, however, is quite elaborate and makes one wonder whether it is worth all the effort!  Why is the roof panel covered in black fabric you may ask?  Well, it ends up exposed under the rear window, so a shiny, body-color panel would create too much reflection.
The Macan compact SUV looks like another winner. The proportions work very well and the vehicle looks much more attractive than the highly successful, but somehow clumsy styling of the Cayenne – especially the first version.   One interesting facet of the Macan is that the clamshell hood completely surrounds the large front lamp units, so when the hood is opened there are two rather large holes in the panel.  The large, flat, grey plastic mouldings on the lower part of the front and rear doors seem to be a jarring element for a Porsche.  Presumably they are intended to reduce the apparent size of the doors or the height of the belt line.  The interior is instantly recognizable as all Porsche.  The array of switches is rather bewildering at first, but we would love to have the chance to get used to using them.
The selection of vehicles from Porsche is now quite significant, covering a wide range of tastes and a wide range of prices.  The Panamera, for instance, ranges from about $76,000 all the way to almost $200,000!


IAA 2013 | Porsche 918 Spyder

In order to dream, we have to tell you something about the Porsche 918 Spyder. The design is not surprising. It is after all a Porsche using the spirit of Stuttgart’s past to (re)invent the future. This car is a real beast, yet the design is “no frills”, just the essentials. And this Porsche can offer a 100% electric mode, called e-Power, for between 16 and 32 kilometers…

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

With the Panamera Sport Turismo, Porsche unveils at the Paris Autoshow what the hybrid sports car of tomorrow could be.

The concept the Panamera Sport Turismo embodies the idea of a functional sports car that combines performance with the ability of everyday drive and flexibility for transportation: a four-door line sober and firm proportions typically Porsche. The ergonomics of the interior extensively studied reflects the concept of a coherent whole. The driver and technology are inter -connected via a control system of a new like using the black panel technology. The study also provides the setting and the control of many functions via smartphone. For example, it is possible to screen and monitor the charging time of the lithium-ion battery on the electric network using a dedicated application. Interesting but not very innovative…