GENEVA 2015 : Springtime, Showtime – PART IV

Part IV | Renault, surfing on its Captur mini-crossover success, revealed its new Kadjar. After missing the beginning of the SUV market, Renault wants to make a come back after its lack of success with the Koleos in Europe. Based on the same Qashqai architecture, Kadjar wears a strong new “corporate” grille from Renault Design. The body is more dynamic than the interior, which offers just a simple, classic dashboard. Quality materials are used throughout. The middle market SUV war will be fierce during the next few years and we can only hope that the market will always be this competitive.
Seat seems to be showing a stronger presence these days. With its concept 20V20 presentation, the Spanish cousin of the VW Group wanted to send some rather different messages. First, this nice concept likely gives us a good indication of the evolution we should see from the mark moving towards 2020. Lines are sharp, like it was designed and shaped with a scalpel, making accurate lines, angles and triangles. The overall shape is very dynamic, perhaps a little aggressive at first sight, so the future direction is likely to be a bit more sober and elegant. The second message is that Seat will soon be arriving on the SUV market.  This concept is close to the Audi Q5 in size and it seems that the first production model will be a compact SUV in competition with Kaptur5 (Renault) and Juke (Nissan). After that, we should see some bigger versions.
As you can see, Geneva left us only a little hungry. The world market is heading in a strong upward direction, even if Europe seems to be a bit late in following… No doubt there will be a plethora of concept cars, model introductions and new features presented during the Frankfort show from September 17 to 27.  We can’t wait!


In order to wait, and to end this report, a little gallery of cars we did not talk about…