The new mini-citycar is the star of the Renault stand during press-days. We can see it from every angle and a wide range of color combinations.
Let’s stop the wrong comment right away. While looking at the New Twingo, most people were making reference to the Fiat 500. Let’s say…why not if you are looking at the vinyl “side stripes » arrangement only. But certainly not if you remember the volume and design language of the Renault 5…The shape of the headlights, the pronounced shoulders on the back part and the design of the tailgate are an echo to the R5 Turbo, the most iconic sports version with a rear engine. The design accentuates that feeling, pushing out the tail lamps to the sides.
For the first time the Twingo has four doors…This new vehicle shares its platform with the next generation Smart with an engine placed to the rear. Because of that technical choice, the gar has a very interesting and recognizable silhouette. With only 3.59m width and wheels rejected to the four corners, the wheelbase is 2.49m, allowing a generous interior space for such a small car.
The interior looks dynamic and playful with many customization options. No doubt that the interior will become iconic as the first opus was. The dashboard is very simple and is surrounded by a wide plastic part giving all its character to the IP.
Some optional storage products are possible which makes the interior very customizable…
No doubt that this Twingo III will be a new reference in its category. It is not retro design as the Mini or the Fiat 500 and to us it is much more interesting in term of design…