GENEVA 2017 | EPISODE 1 : Alfa Romeo

The Giulia, has finished second behind the Peugeot 3008 for the Car of the Year award.
This sedan is the first attempt from the Italian company to get back to the top of the sports/luxury segment. Its style is pure Alfa Romeo. We should see more of these on the streets than we do at the moment…

During the Los Angeles auto show, Alfa Romeo introduced the Stelvio SUV, allowing it to more fully compete with BMW, Audi and Mercedes.
The Stelvio is very stylish and offers good proportions. The body finish reaches the exacting standards required in this segment and the assembly quality seems to be very high. . The silhouette is simple and should please the Premium SUV clients.
The interior is very Alfa Romeo with a kind of surprise for these days — an analog instrument panel. This goes against the now familiar trend of a navigation screen fully integrated into the dashboard.
Ultimately, the Stelvio is an endearing SUV that is very dynamic, but not showy. Nor is it inspired by any of the best-sellers on the market. If the driving dynamics and finish quality are there, it should provide a strong impetus for Alfa Romeo to recover its position and reputation in the market…