IAA 2013 | BMW i3

BMW is introducing at the IAA the first car in the i-car lineup: the BMW i3. Benoit Jacob, head of Design of the i-line, chose not to design a “normal” car like Renault did with the Zoe(although the budget goal was not the same…). It has electric power and it has to show it. One can say it is a little bit complicated in term of lines, but everybody should admit that the i-Car line has its own signature (see the i8…).Once you understand this choice you can discover the car itself. With the use of aluminum and carbon fiber, and despite the weight of the batteries, the car weighs in at a reasonable 1,270kg. The electric motor produces the equivalent of 170hpat the rear wheels and the batteries provide a driving range of 130 to 200km.The interior is roomy and well executed in terms of details and quality. More than anything, a test drive was very convincing. This BMW i3 might be expensive (in comparison to a Renault Zoe, although not in the same category), but at 35,000€ we think it is worth it.