Mercedes-Benz continues its product onslaught with the new C Class, the new CLA and the new GLA.  The new designs are unmistakably Mercedes, providing a consistent flow across the entire range.  Bold grill treatments, sculptured bodysides and expressive lamps demand attention and exude presence.  The AMG versions of the CLA and GLA on the stand, however, lacked taste and descended into the “boy racer” realm with overdone graphics and, on the GLA, an oversized tailgate wing.  Now and again they ‘lose the plot’…
There was no loss of focus with the S Class Coupe concept.  This car was the Best in Show for my money.  It is a wonderfully elegant and flowing design with powerful wheels and a fabulous interior.  The nose may be a little too prominent, but again this may be a pedestrian impact effect.
Several of the new Mercedes have an interior feature that strikes me as odd, and that is the free standing or floating display screen for radio, navigation and other connectivity.  To me it looks like I stuck my iPad to the instrument panel with Velcro!