NAIAS 2017 | Episode 14 : Subaru

The fact that Subaru outsells VW in the US market continues to amaze us. The brand has an avid and very loyal customer base, especially in certain regions, but the question is, “Where do those customers go as they mature in the marketplace?”
To help answer this question, Subaru presented the Viziv-7 concept, a three-row seat, 7-passenger midsize SUV. The Viziv – a contraction of “Vision for Innovation”, was previously shown in LA and is scheduled for production in early 2018 probably in a slightly tamer version. It is longer and wider than the Durango, Traverse, Enclave and Flex, giving Subaru a market replacement for the unloved Tribeca, which was discontinued in 2014.

Subaru uses the phrase “Dynamic x Solid” to describe the design philosophy – and solid it is. The first impression is one of a big and boxy vehicle with a bold grille and oversize frog lights. The fog lights are matched in the rear by similar looking low-mounted rear lights. The main taillamps are mirror image, C-shaped units that are connected across the car, but progressively fade from red to black as they approach the centerline. The bodyside is heavily sculptured with prominent feature lines accentuating the wheel arches and concealed pillars emphasizing the length of the greenhouse.