NAIAS 2018 | Episode 10 : LEXUS

The Asian manufacturers have clearly taken over the concept car mantel from the American domestics.  The Lexus LF-1 Limitless being one of several exciting concepts at the show emanating from the East.

Lexus call the LF-1 a flagship crossover and their design direction for the future.  We liked the smooth, sophisticated feel of vehicle as well as the dramatic shapes.  The Lexus “spindle” grille that we have loved to hate, has now grown to consume the whole front of the LF-1.  The lower corners reach out to the edges of the car below the dramatic front lights.  While the upper corners extend all the way along the hood cut line, merging into and forming the belt line.  We actually like this iteration.

The smooth bodyside has one complex area at the bottom of the rear door and sill to add some drama.  There is also an interesting element of brightwork that starts at the trailing edge of the upper hood line, sweeps across the A-Pillar, runs along the roof-line and finishes in a broad ‘spear’ that mirrors the rear quarter window shape in the C-Pillar.  The rear is dramatic too, with a divided roof spoiler, swoopy full width taillamps that stand off the rear quarters and large (brake cooling?) exhaust ducts in the lower corners.  The overall effect was outstanding.

The interior is also smooth and sleek, with a small focused cluster, but a large central infotainment display framed by dramatic curves in the instrument panel and centre console.  The side view camera displays add an interesting new look.

We still like the dramatic LC 500 and its great road presence, although the door-trim panels have us longing for rather LESS wood!  Speaking of door panels, take a look at the overwrought trim on the LS 500h displayed nearby.  Ugghhh!