NAIAS 2018 | Episode 12 : Infinity

Infiniti made a big statement with its Inspiration concept, which is a large four-door, fastback sedan.  The feeling is one of smooth flowing curves and shapes, even though the front end (which hints at an electric powertrain), has quite a few hard edges with large front intakes and feature lines emanating from the grille and extending around the A-pillars and into the belt line.  The windshield glass extends in a continuous sweep over the roof and almost all the way to the edge of the decklid.  The interior is suitably clean and modern to match the exterior and features the de rigueur wall-to-wall flat display screens front and rear.

Also from Infiniti was the new Q50 SUV.  It is very much an evolutionary design, but attractive non-the-less.  The lower edges of the clamshell hood extend into the bodyside A-Line and through the door handles.  Strong “bulging” creases extend up the hood from the grille to the A-Pillars, where they sweep down under the mirrors and into the belt-line.  The signature shape at the trailing edge of the window is elegantly executed.  The interior flows nicely from IP to console and IP to doors.