We know BMW is very faithful to the Geneva Autoshow. Usually the Bavarian company presents a lot of models in Switzerland, but not this year…Does BMW intend to favor the Asian fairs (Beijing to name but one…)? Or is it just a breath before the IAA in Frankfurt?
Of course, Geneva was an opportunity to see the new 5 series in the flesh for Europe, but we must say that this new model has already been seen at the NAIAS in Detroit.
For the Touring version this is the premiere. The interior is very close to the sedan, while the exterior is not surprising. As a whole it is perfectly realized, but this is normal for BMW. The typical customers will be satisfied with all the electronic innovations for driving assistance that now seem to be the standard fare from most manufacturers.

The 4 Series is now an entire range with 2 doors, 4 doors, cabriolet, etc. We must admit that the previous version has always been pleasing to our eyes and its success has not diminished this impression. So, no surprises with the new version. Why compromise a range that perfectly matches customers’ expectations and covers the gamut from practical sedan to coupe or convertible…?
For the passenger compartment, of course, the all-electronic instrumentation is now fully up to date with all possible options. The whole IP is laid out like a typical BMW cockpit with the usual perfect fir and finish – not unusual indeed…
During this Geneva show, BMW has demonstrated its ongoing desire to invest more and more in the world of “green” vehicles with a new version of the very high-end i8. We have always admired the lines of this hybrid vehicle. It is made very exclusive by its price, but still very appealing…