GENEVA 2017 | EPISODE 10 : Ford

FORD remains the only American manufacturer present in Europe. (Is FIAT-Chrysler American or Italian…?).
Ford Europe still has a wide range of cars to cover the whole market — from city car to the Ford Mustang sports coupé and many SUVs. Ford chose Geneva to launch its new Fiesta, the sixth opus in 40 years.
For this new car, FORD offers many different versions for its customers using the latest technology content. How does Ford manage to keep production costs reasonable? That we don’t know…But we are sure that every customer will find a Fiesta to suits his taste and needs…
The new Fiesta is bigger with a completely new body design. Volumes are bolder and it feels like a bigger car than the previous generation. Design of the front lights is modern with tapered optics. The grille is elegant without being massive. The rear also is elegant with nice detailing on the lights.
Once installed in the cockpit, the first impression is one of clarity, especially with the optional large glass roof, then you are attracted to the dashboard and it is clear that this area received special attention from designers and HMI experts. The whole feeling is modern with good quality materials, supporting the visual and physical environment. The large central multimedia display replaces the many buttons of the old version and provides access to a wide range of functions depending on the model selected. The customer has access to a whole new world while staying very well connected and taking advantage of the diverse driving aïds on offer. Four people will enjoy pleasant travel in the new FIESTA and remain fully entertained.