GENEVA 2017 | EPISODE 11 : Honda

This Honda concept is a 100% electric vehicle that is able to learn the habits of its drivers. In short — an artificial intelligence.
The NeuV is based on the principle that private vehicles remain inactive 96% of the time … So the concept behind this vehicle is to monetize this time of inactivity for the owner by leasing the vehicle to others in an autonomous driving mode.
The Honda NeuV is also supposed to be a form of artificial intelligence using an « emotion engine » called HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant) that learns the emotions of the driver (owner) by analyzing his or her judgment in each situation. This will allow HANA to recommend choices to the owner.
A giant touch-panel interface completes the user experience. The large and dramatic, “rotating” doors facilitate entry/exit, while the sloping belt line provides maximum outward visibility.
There are just two seats, but a luggage compartment at the back provides storage for a concept electric scooter to make that last kilometer. In fact this car has everything to enter the multimodal era.
This concept was introduced at the last Consumer Electronics Show to demonstrate the potential for artificial intelligence and robotics to transform the experience of mobility in the future and to improve our quality of life. Honda’s intention is to go beyond exploring the future of cars, by developing effective energy solutions for all its product sectors including motorcycles and power tools.