GENEVA 2017 | EPISODE 6 : Citroën

The first thing that catches your eye when approaching the Citroen display is a sensation of smallness, accentuated by the narrow layout. Is it a cost reduction, or the need to provide equal room for the DS brand? A band playing music welcomes us to discover two concepts:
The C Aircross and the Space Tourer 4*4 Ë.
The Aircross is a small SUV with a lot of interesting elements and bright colors. Citroen designers have succeeded in creating a vehicle that is an off-road looking concept with its well-proportioned plastic protection panels, its ring-shaped lights, its clean and simple dashboard, but it also has nice welcoming seats and a livability that will fit the entire family. The future replacement of the C3-Picasso is off to a great start. Of course, we can expect conventional doors on the production vehicle that is expected towards the end of the year. We don’t know yet if an all-electric version will be available in production, but this could be a good direction for Citroen. There are still two questions to be solved: how to manage competition (now internal since PSA bought Opel) from the Opel Crossland X and what the future of the now dated looking Cactus will be?

The Space Tourer 4*4 Ë is an evolution of the vehicle which is both utility and family oriented, derived from the van introduced last year. The Ë does not stand for “electric” here…It is supposed to stand for a lifestyle in Citroen vocabulary. The car is therefore a utility, leisure, four-wheel drive, family oriented mix between a Van and an SUV. The color effects and the Ë logo itself give a young and modern effect to a rather classic interior and exterior. This Space Tourer can accommodate up to 9 people in the XS version.