The DS display was radically different from that of Citroën.
The will to emphasize moderation and luxury is evident, with the future DS7 Crossback as its masterpiece. This is the first SUV for DS and the target is clearly the Audi Q5. The first thing catching the eye is its size, which is quite imposing. The second is the great classic look of the body compared with the rest of the DS range. If you look at the DS7 from ¾ view, it really feels like a Q5…
It seems that DS design team realized that the DS3, 4 and 5 style might be too ostentatious, which is not what premium customers want…The DS7 use of LED lights gives a real signature to this SUV. The oversized grille has an impressive diamond effect. The rear has a silvery metal line designed to bring a distinctive and wider look to the car.
The interior is rather classic, with a luminous feeling. Controls are squared and fall easily under your hands with ergonomics that are well thought out. The driver does not have to make any effort to become familiar with the functions. Various packages will offer different environments up to the most luxurious one that combines wood, leather and metal. Of course, most of the trendy driver assists will be on-board, with the use of a full digital instrument panel designed exclusively for Citroen/DS. The original BRM « deluxe » watch seems a little bit stuck by chance above the 12-inch multimedia display. Citroen, with DS is striving to enter the premium market competition with the DS7. We just hope that this vehicle, originally created for the Chinese market, will find its place in the European premium segment.