GENEVA 2017 | EPISODE 8 : Dacia

This “low cost” subsidiary of Renault is doing very well. Thanks for asking. Many major car manufacturers, Renault competitors, are investigating this promising market, which is very much in tune with the times.
DACIA, which has had a complete range of cars for a few years now, is experimenting, like other car companies, with limited editions. This is the case with the Duster and the Stepway both of which will benefit from special colors, a more rewarding interior and various other features. DACIA now offers cars very different from the “basic transportation concept” that marked its debut. Overall quality has improved a lot with the use of more friendly and attractive plastics for example and the designers have been given more freedom to create appealing exteriors. DACIA has nothing to envy about its major competitors…except brand image perhaps. But price makes all the difference.
DACIA launched the Logan MCV Stepway in Geneva. This SUV is elegant with a detailed grille and a strong character line. The tailgate provides great accessibility without making the car look like a commercial vehicle. The interior is modern. The IP is clear and readable. Of course, you don’t have the latest digital technologies that could find in some other SUV’s, but you get the essentials… It feels good inside the MCV Stepway, so we don’t have any doubt that this will be another bestseller for DACIA.
Nowadays, a DACIA customer does not have to feel like he or she is buying “half” of a Renault car, or an obviously cheap car, but rather a reasonably elegant means of transportation that meets their needs…..without showing off !