NAIAS 2017 | Episode 9 : Toyota

What better place to present the replacement for the best-selling car in the US than Detroit. Toyota unveiled the highly significant, all-new Camry on the second press day. Toyota has responded to the long-held view that the Camry is a dull, boring car.

With more powerful engines, a focus on performance and driving dynamics, plus aggressive exterior and interior styling they plan to push the Camry in a new direction.

The bold front end includes a ‘spindle-like’ grille stolen from the up-market Lexus; there are strong feature lines on the hood and body side; and a long roof that creates an almost fastback look. The instrument panel is equally bold with sweeping feature lines from both right and left combining to form a unique look for the panel as a whole – impressive new ground from Toyota. The hybrid model has some unique design features and a more evolutionary front end. Unfortunately, the wide lower grille makes the car look like a giant bottom feeding fish!

After some years of concepts, Toyota finally has a sub-compact SUV. The C-HR is quirky inside and out – thankfully not Nissan Juke quirky, but quirky none-the-less. It is quite faithful to the original 2014 Geneva show concept. The exterior has bold features and shapes, dramatic taillamps and neatly executed concealed rear door handles high on the C-Pillar. The interior is similarly bold with anodized aluminum trim pieces flowing across the instrument panel and into the doors. With plenty of powertrain options including a hybrid version, the C-HR should find plenty of customers.