Smart Forstars Concept

This concept is cute and funny. It is a real toy withvery detailed shapes and exciting colors. As for a Smart it includes many fun features such as video projector housed in the hood than can project your favorite movie on a parking wall…it does re-invent the concept of the 60’s : spending a nice evening with your girlfriend and…our car !

This small city is in fact the result of a collaboration with Renault and share its technical base with the third generation Twingo. With current measurements near the small Renault, including a length of 3.55 m, the real Forstars will have four seats.

About the engine, if we can expect an electric version according to this study, the three-cylinder 900 cm3, recently introduced by the French manufacturer  should be the main offer. Smart architecture, with rear wheel drive, is preserved.

The smart Forstars is a preview of the upcoming model…Might be the « bad boy » of smart…very agressive…