GENEVA 2014 | VW T-Roc Concept

The T-ROC SUV concept car seems to be a car from another company.  Compared with the other Volkswagen products on the same booth we see a big difference – and we like it.  Let’s hope that we see this SUV, with its new front-end design, on the road very soon. Listening to VW the progressive design of the front end demonstrates a new approach to small SUVs.
From the interior, we can see that digital concepts are becoming more and more widely utilized by Volkswagen group. Digital technology certainly offers many new possibilities, but it also requires drivers to be capable computer users if they are to fully benefit from and appreciate the functionality.  Concerning all the available cameras that watch over our every move — we are not yet addicted.


GENEVA 2014 | Volvo Estate Concept

After the Concept Coupé in Frankfort and the XC Coupé in Detroit, Volvo has unveiled latest showcar of its trilogy: the Concept Estate. What can we say but that the third concept is the most ambitious especially in its interior. This shooting brake continues to give us a hint of what the future exterior design of Volvo will be. When we see it, we know it is a Volvo. Designers have taken their inspiration in the history of the Scandinavian brand: the 1800 ES from the early 1970s. It is clear, especially on the rear part.
Volvo has introduced all new digital concepts for the interior preserving what we expect from Volvo. Thanks to its association with Volvo’s specially designed software, the touch screen will be the main control panel for in-car user experience. Almost all buttons are replaced and we appreciate, however, that there are still a few dedicated for crucial commands (volume, play/pause, hazard warning…)
Touchscreen is nice but important controls need physical commands.
If the XC Concept is anticipating the future XC90 due in a year, there is no doubt that this Estate gives us significant clues of a future model…

IAA 2013 | KIA Niro Concept

The Kia Niro Concept is not a surprise. It is usual for Kia Design Europe, led by Gregory Guillaume, to display a cool looking concept. A cool concept that we would like to see on the road very soon! This mini SUV, however, could preview a serious competitor to the Nissan Juke, Renault Captur or Mini Paceman! The style is very clean and simple (seems to be a new trend…) with very good proportions. The form language is strong and displays what Kia design is today and the direction they want to take in the future. Volumes are very muscular and give the car a good stance on the road.

Audi Crosslane Concept

With this concept Audi is introducing two items.

First, the design of the grille will be used for the Q line. It is still a single frame grille, which is the signature of the brand for several years now. Its prominent frame is integrated into the Multimaterial Space Frame as a supporting element. This solution symbolizes the philosophy behind the Audi crosslane coupé: a totally new fusion of basic concept, technology and design.

The vehicle itself introduce the volume and lines of the upcoming Q2 and gives us a hint of what the Q line will be. The horizontal edges are the dominant features above the wheels and change a little bit the « image » of Audi, giving more virility to the body. The interior design continues the design language of the exteriro in the geometrical clarity of its basic shapes. Using the trapezoidal theme. As always, the design reflect a high quality standard.

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

With the Panamera Sport Turismo, Porsche unveils at the Paris Autoshow what the hybrid sports car of tomorrow could be.

The concept the Panamera Sport Turismo embodies the idea of a functional sports car that combines performance with the ability of everyday drive and flexibility for transportation: a four-door line sober and firm proportions typically Porsche. The ergonomics of the interior extensively studied reflects the concept of a coherent whole. The driver and technology are inter -connected via a control system of a new like using the black panel technology. The study also provides the setting and the control of many functions via smartphone. For example, it is possible to screen and monitor the charging time of the lithium-ion battery on the electric network using a dedicated application. Interesting but not very innovative…

Peugeot Onyx

With the Onyx, Peugeot and Gilles Vidal demonstrate a new approach in the materials use. The exterior is very radical and looks like a supercar in terms of volume. The use of of pure copper, which is going to be altered by time is efficient. The interior is bright and natural. Warm and soft, the felt is derived from traditional production techniques. Obtained from boiled wool, with interwoven fibres, this material is completely recyclable and is an excellent thermal insulator. In addition, it improves the quality of the surrounding air by dehumidifying.

The dashboard is constructed with of a new type of ‘timber’ – ‘Newspaper Wood’. Produced from used newspapers, assembled and compressed to create a new material from which the parts are made. The illusion is interesting with veins of colour evident on the surface. On closer inspection the secret is revealed with the appearance of the print type.

Not to say it is only a concept car…

Smart Forstars Concept

This concept is cute and funny. It is a real toy withvery detailed shapes and exciting colors. As for a Smart it includes many fun features such as video projector housed in the hood than can project your favorite movie on a parking wall…it does re-invent the concept of the 60’s : spending a nice evening with your girlfriend and…our car !

This small city is in fact the result of a collaboration with Renault and share its technical base with the third generation Twingo. With current measurements near the small Renault, including a length of 3.55 m, the real Forstars will have four seats.

About the engine, if we can expect an electric version according to this study, the three-cylinder 900 cm3, recently introduced by the French manufacturer  should be the main offer. Smart architecture, with rear wheel drive, is preserved.

The smart Forstars is a preview of the upcoming model…Might be the « bad boy » of smart…very agressive…