Peugeot Onyx

With the Onyx, Peugeot and Gilles Vidal demonstrate a new approach in the materials use. The exterior is very radical and looks like a supercar in terms of volume. The use of of pure copper, which is going to be altered by time is efficient. The interior is bright and natural. Warm and soft, the felt is derived from traditional production techniques. Obtained from boiled wool, with interwoven fibres, this material is completely recyclable and is an excellent thermal insulator. In addition, it improves the quality of the surrounding air by dehumidifying.

The dashboard is constructed with of a new type of ‘timber’ – ‘Newspaper Wood’. Produced from used newspapers, assembled and compressed to create a new material from which the parts are made. The illusion is interesting with veins of colour evident on the surface. On closer inspection the secret is revealed with the appearance of the print type.

Not to say it is only a concept car…