NAIAS 2017 | Episode 3 : Ford Group

Ford presented some appearance updates on the F150 pickup after only a couple of years in the market.
At the front a new grille, bumper and headlights give the truck an even wider, bolder look, more like the well-received Super Duty version. At the rear new rear lamps are also aimed to provide a bolder look. On the mechanical side, a 3 Liter diesel engine will now be offered to fulfill a long-standing customer need. By the way, walking the stand I counted ten different grille designs for the Ford full-size pick up range. Now there is a design challenge!

Not much new on the car side of the business, although there was a production version of the beautiful Ford GT on display, alongside the actual Le Mans, class-winning racecar – dirt and battle scars still in place.

Lincoln unveiled a concept vehicle that is a precursor to the Navigator replacement scheduled to begin production in 2018. The aircraft inspired concept features one massive gull wing door on each side, along with three power-deployed steps for passenger entry. All a bit of overkill, but designed to provide full visibility of the crisp, clean and luxurious interior. The load compartment was largely occupied by a ridiculous clothing/travel case that fully blocked any rear visibility. Sometimes the designers get carried away…..

The exterior is bold, yet simple and elegant. The front end is massive and intimidating, featuring a really big version of the latest Lincoln grille. The wheels evoke an aircraft turbine. Those doors are truly massive and when open might well present a big problem in the average garage. Never the less, the design concept works well and we look forward to seeing the real thing. And yes, rumour has it that the body may be aluminium like its pick up cousin.